From the Source of Creation

This material will support you on your final journey into the jungle of fear and limitations. Reading the words and viewing the paintings will soothe and calm you, so you can release yourself to the joyous freedom of being alive.The information will help you wake up to the new reality, where fear is transformed into exciting adventure. Life is meant to be excitement about not knowing what will happen next. Read, look, and let the vibrational signals that are contained in these messages do their work for you. There is nothing you need to do or understand, as your need for answers and logic will gradually disappear by making contact with this.The signals will connect you with your own journey and wisdom, and they will do the job for you. Eventually you will become the joyful entity you were always meant to be. Free to be within your senses. Free to move in the silence of your spirit soul. Free to be aware that all you observe is as magical and mysterious as yourself.

The six books all share the theme of letting go to your need for logical answers to life. To let go of your left brains everlasting signal that you have to secure yourself. Even if the books are carrying the same message, they are quite different in form.

This information from the Source started with the "Almira" books, a trilogy presented by Nina:

- Almira coming home

- The New Era

- To you from the Source

These books are presented in a flowing, feminine, fairytale-like form. A form that touches your spirit/soul directly without the need of passing through the control tower of logic.

Three books are given form through Sigmund:

- Poems from the Universe

Words and drawings appeared with eyes closed, all taken down by the author entirely without any form of brain interference. The poems are also a direct link to the spirit/soul.

- Diary from the Univers

Composed as a bridge for the message to the cognitive world. The attempt to try to understand life itself is still the most common approach on this planet, and therefore this “conversation” between the discontented and frustrated brain, and the voice of the Loving Universe, is an exchange many of you will feel connected to.

- The Book from The Source

In the most profound message so far, this book is written in a new form that reaches through to the dimensions all of you can open up to. Yet it is impossible to describe these dimensions to your 3D brain. Therefore, the form of this book will provoke your left brain, especially the first part of it, which jumps in and out of descriptions of different realities.

What you may consider to be surreal and perhaps even nonsensical is actually a form that will enrich many of you. Letting go of logic is the main theme of this book, a complex message to present to a logical brain…

While reading The Book from The Source, we recommend that you force yourself to pay attention to the book, as itoffers a gift to most everyone who reads it. This gift is usually unveiled in the second and third part.

Enjoy your journey, dear traveller!

In respect for authentic life and diversity.

In Love and light

The Source of Creation